William Spybey

Born:1836-1837, Lambley, Nottinghamshire (Lambley parish records - 1836; marriage certificate - 1837)
Marriage:1st September 1874, Wesley Chapel, Broad Street to Ruth Plumb
Died:c. Oct-Dec 1894, registered at Basford
Father:Alfred Spybey
Mother:Anne Marriot
Grandfather:William Spiby
Siblings: John Spybey
Children:Hannah Maria Spybey
Mary Ann Spybey
John Henry Spybey
Rebecca Eliza Spybey
Charlotte Emily Spybey
Alfred Spybey
Richard Spybey
Elizabeth Spybey

Additional Info:

William Spybey is a very likely a ‘missing link’ between various strands of the family. Having obtained his marriage certificate we know that he was born c.1836-7 in Lambley Nottingham and that his father was called Alfred Spybey, who was a labourer. Alfred was deceased at the time of William’s marriage. Lambley parish records lists a William Spibey, born in 1836, whose father was Alfred and mother Anne. Anne is likely to be Anne Marriot baptised Woodborough on 5 March 1815. Only one Alfred is recorded in the Lambley Parish Birth Records - a certain Alfred Spyby born 3rd May 1812. Alfred Spyby is listed as Frederick Spiby in certain records. Alfred Spyby / Frederick Spiby’s genealogy can be traced back to the early 1700s - to Thomas Spiby / Thomas Spieby born c.1709, Lambley.


1861 Census

Cotton Glove Maker
Nottinghamshire, England
In a separate entry, William’s mother Ann Spybey and brother, John Spybey are listed on the 1861 census. Ann Spybey is listed as born approximately 1817, in Lambley, Nottinghamshire, Occupation: Glove Stitcher, Widowed, Residing in Woodborough, Nottinghamshire (about 1 mile from Lambley). Her children listed as William Spybey, born 1837, Lambley, Nottinghamshire and John Spybey, born 1839 in Lambley, Nottinghamshire - a silk glove maker in 1861

1871 Census

Labourer in coal mine
Durham, England

1881 Census

Stocking Framework Knitter
Lambley, Nottinghamshire
Living with Mother-in-law in Main St.

1891 Census

Framework Knitter
Lambley, Nottinghamshire, England

William Spybey

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